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About Alba:

Alba Soccer Academy was founded in 2013 with a focus on skill and technical development and applies to players of all abilities (beginners, intermediate and advanced).

The Academy is structured under two unique philosophies developed in Scotland;​



The major objective of this stage is to develop physical literacy and basic skills within children, through football participation.

Without speed, agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as the ability to run, jump, throw, kick, catch and control the body (sensory awareness), children will not only be incomplete as football players, but will also not have the confidence or competence to take part in many sporting activities.

The skills will be delivered through programs centered around games- based and FUN (Foundation, Understanding, Nurturing) activities, with 100% involvement at all times.

"Soccer Fun Fours" allow the opportunity to express enjoyment and develop skills through games.


These ages are the skill hungry years. Motivationally, children are geared to learn skills at this time, therefore, this is an ideal opportunity for focusing on building the skills of the game onto the movement skills of the children.

Competition opportunities should reflecting developmental principles (e.g equal playing time for all) through small-sided games (Developmental 4's, Soccer 7's): Key physical qualities to develop in every training session are speed and agility.

Focus on developing confidence, through fostering and reinforcing success in achieving basic goals for each player.

Parents and players need to be educated on the lifestyle factors (nutrition, hydration, recovery, support) that underpin player development.

The basis of commitment to future training is formed at this stage. Coaches encourage 'homework' and independent practice, as well as participation in a wide range of sports.

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