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The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity Society was created by her devoted husband Dan Reaveley. After suffering the loss of his wife in a tragic hit-and-run accident, he was left to pick up the pieces of their shattered dreams, now becoming the sole financial provider and caregiver to his four children.

Char’s passion for children and desire for a closer community was his inspiration. Charlene would do anything to make a child smile or just to see a little sparkle in their eye – this was the spirit of Char that motivated him to reach out and support families experiencing a loss.

Due to circumstances surrounding the accident that claimed Charlene’s life, Victim Services worked closely with the family but were unable to cover the cost of grief counselors, leaving him to deal with the financial strain of not only the funeral costs, but also the costs of counseling for four children that just lost their mother. Thankfully, through the emotional and financial support of his family, he was able to take his children to counseling right away without hesitation.

However, we know this is not the case for everyone. Having gone through this process ourselves, we know there are a lot of things to be taken care of all at once that you may have never thought of. Death is an overwhelming experience, which is why we want to try and alleviate some stress during your grieving.

“I want my kids to be kids; there will be plenty of time when they’re adults to do dishes and laundry.”

Charlene’s goal as a mother was to protect the innocence of childhood and making sure all children felt like they were truly loved. This charity is the least we can do to give back to the community and to keep her dream alive.

Alba Soccer Academy are proud supporters of this Charity.  Technical Director, Craig Ogilvie, was one of Charlene's cousins and is a regular supporter of this charity through volunteer work. This work includes bottle drives, Toy drives (at Christmas) and various other events. 

For more information on the Charity  please click on the button.

Alba Support CRCCS at Planet Organics

Saturday 27th July 2013


Alba Soccer Academy coaches and players assisted the Charlene Reaveley Childrens Charity at Planet Organics in Coquitlam.

Coach Craig was the "Scottish Chef" of the day and the food was going down a treat with the local community


Thanks to Planet Organics, their staff and the local community that supported the great cause

Alba washes cars at Charity Carwash event

Thursday 8th August 2013


Alba Soccer Academy were present at the CRCCS Annual Carwash and Bootle drop-off station at Haney Presbyterian Church 216th Street Loughheed highway Maple Ridge.


It was another successful day with gleaming cars, hotdogs and pop. Proud to support and voluteer at these events.

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