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Spring Development Academy

Opening day...

Alba Academy started on  Saturday April 6th 2013 with a focus on skill development.

The pictures below provide a highlight of the day....

ALBA Soccer Academy ended the first Spring Development Program in style. The 10 week development program had kids of ll ages emphasizing skills developed over the ten week period. The final session also included a coaches versus players game, which the players edging a 3-2 victory.

The coaching staff would like to thank all the players for the effort during the program and it was a pleasure working with them and seeing them develop.​

Summer Development Academy

The summer academy started in June 2013 and ended at the end of August with a number of enw players joining the academy. 


The development program was held at Cunnings park in Coquitlam on Friday  nights with more emphasis on touchng the ball, skills moves, creativity and expression whilst having fun.


Fall Academy

The fall Academy started in August 2013 and continued the focus of development and technical understanding.


The requirement for each player to be in contact with the ball at all times is crucial to their long term success. Session plans have been created to cater for all abilities and strengths and allows the players to challenge themselves to ensure they get the most out of each session.


The Fall academy conincided with many players restarting their respective seasons with their teams and the feedback from most parents was the differnece the players were in comparison with others.


The players continued to be part of the Alba revolution and is continuing to grow from strength to strength 

Futsal Development Academy

Alba Soccer Academy introduced its first Futsal program focussed on developing individual skills.


Futsal is played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular football due to the surface of the pitch. The surface, ball and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces


Alba encourages the players to "touch the ball" as often as they can and to ensure the can express themselves when in difficult situations (under pressure from the opponent) and being able to show their creative side in tighter spaces

Spring Development Academy

The Spring Academy continued on the individual development of players and welcomed a batch of new players onto the field. The academy saw a number of younger kids aged 6-8 join up for the first time.


Kids were able to develop their skills in a environment that encourages mistakes in order to learn


Each session had a different theme focussing on key elements including passing, shooting as well as game related activities 1v1 (attacking and defending)

Summer / Fall Development Academy 

Alba Soccer Academy carried on throughout the summer and fall enjoying the great weather whilst playing the beautiful game. We had several days where water breaks were requried more than most due to the heat.


The sessions were split in terms of ability and each player encouraged to improve their skills moves and perfect a variety of them. The kids are well used to the "Maradona", the "Rooney", the "Laudrup" along with the standard stepovers (Singles and Doubles)


Ball Mastery is a feature of every session starting with Keepy ups (juggling) and then a warm a drill encouraging the kids to touch the ball as often as possible

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